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Warrior Professional Foosball Table Review

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The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is an excellent choice for a professional foosball table at either your home or your work.  It has many different features that make this such an ideal choice for any location.

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table offers a unique rod guard system for the protection of all the players as well as a classic design that has come to be expected out of all foosball tables.  The high quality of each piece of the table helps to make for an unforgettable experience with your friends and your family members.

This foosball game is set up with four rods of players on each side so that you can enjoy your game with two or more players.  With the ball return ideally positioned on each side, this game will surely give you hours of fun and excitement.


  • Warrior Professional Foosball TableTop of the line rod guard system to protect players.
  • Ball return system on both sides of the foosball table.
  • Four lines of players for each side with one goalie for each side.
  • Simple to use score keeping system.
  • Simple set up that anyone can easily do within a small amount of time.

What We Like

  • Easily Put Together – When the foosball table is shipped to you, you have to put it together.  This step is actually fairly simple and easy to do.  That makes enjoying the game much more likely if you are not frustrated from the set up.
  • High Quality – This foosball table was designed with professionals in mind.  Every detail is well thought out and designed to give you all of the elements of foosball that you love.
  • Perfect for the Whole Family – This game is designed for ages five and up.  That makes it suitable for your whole family.  And with the design, there is easily room for four people to enjoy the game.

What We Don’t Like

  • Ball Return Issues – There have been some reports that people have had a few issues with balls getting stuck in the ball return.  This is not something that everyone has had an issue with but is still something that should be watched.
  • Very Heavy – The foosball table weighs about 195 pounds.  With this weight, you must have someone with you when you move the foosball table around.  Trying to move something of this weight alone could easily lead to serious back injuries.

Best Suited For

  • Warrior Professional Foosball TableYouth Groups – This makes an excellent choice for anyone who works with groups of teenagers, or has teens at home.  It allows two or more players to enjoy the game even when it is cold or wet outside.
  • Break Rooms – Many employers are beginning to add things such as this foosball table to break rooms for their employees to enjoy during break or while they are off.  This is something that can greatly improve employee morale.
  • Family Gatherings – Foosball tables are enjoyed by many different people of all ages.  That makes this ideal for use at any family gatherings or family reunions.

Not So Great For…

  • Small Locations – This table measures 56 x 30 x 36 inches.  For this reason, it is not ideal for anyone who is working with very limited space.
  • Young Children – Any foosball table will come with small pieces and this table is no exception.  The small balls that are used could easily pose a choking hazard to young children.
  • Outdoor Locations – If your event is outdoors, this may not be the table for you.  It is very heavy so it will not be easily moved or taken apart.  This is an important consideration if there is any likelihood of rain and needing to move your items quickly.

The Verdict

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is a great choice for those searching for just the right foosball table.  It is well designed and of professional quality.  Each detail included in this foosball table is reminiscent of what people have loved in foosball tables for many years.

This foosball table will make a wonderful addition to any youth group or break room.  It is the perfect game for people of all ages and can easily accommodate two or more people at a time.  If you are looking for a unique addition that offers enjoyment to everyone, this is a great choice for you.

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