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Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table Review

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Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball TableAccording to Valley-Dynamo, the massive Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table is the most popular table in the US, and 95% of US competitions use Tornado.

They are extremely popular in most college campuses and in most bars, and have a well-earned reputation for providing countless hours of playing fun.

And if you take this game seriously, then you will definitely want to add this table to your home game room or rec room.


  • Tips the scales at almost 300 pounds
  • Improved patented Tornado men with an enlarged cross section for better passing and ball control
  • Black accented rounded top and down corners and 4 removable cup holders
  • 4″x 4″ double bolted legs give maximum stability
  • Commercial grade, adjustable leg levelers
  • Side ball return with enclosed delivery rails
  • End protectors help to safeguard laminate edges
  • Thin-wall divided competition bearings permit greater shot blocking and control
  • New rugged styling with forceful logo graphics, longer lasting end protectors and stainless steel laminate
  • Thick 3/4 thick playing field
  • Sold, octagonal maple handles, which let you feel the position of the player figures without losing sight of the ball
  • The rods, men, and handles come pre-assembled
  • This table is based on the ITSF certified single goalie tornado practice table
  • Table comes with silicone for the rods and 3 Tornado-branded foosballs
  • Provides the same features as the Tornado coin operated Platinum Tour Edition

What we like

  • This table is very easy to assemble – Just attach the legs, screw in the scoring pieces, and secure the top on, and you’re ready to play in approximately 15 minutes
  • This model is more rugged than the Tornado Classic Foosball Table – It’s built with a split cabinet design, and has straightforward adjustable leg levelers. The 3000 also has mechanical bearings
  • The Tournament 3000 is the official practice table used by VIFA (Valley International Foosball Association), USTSA (United States Table Soccer Association), USTSF (United States Table Soccer Federation), and ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation)
  • It has 3 goalies on the back 3-bar, the most common style in the US –  ITSF Rules in Europe permit just 1 goalie on their competition tables, so you can request the table to be modified from 3 to 1 goalie from the supplier
  • This is a free play machine – No coins are necessary
  • Very easy to level – Comes with oversized leveling feet
  • Very smooth bearings, allowing the men to spin without a hitch
  • Sleek, warp-free playing surface encourages rapid speed play
  • Retrofittable parts are available, all the way back to the 1970s
  • Friction grip handles
  • Playfield markings are consistently and precisely placed, and give unerring visual references for even the most challenging shots
  • Hollowed centerless ground rods give faster response, smoother action, and lighter weight
  • Fielders have a lower profile and are counterbalanced for  exceptional visibility
  • Urethane precision-ground balls are entirely symmetrical
  • Color-keyed interchangeable handles
  • A scorekeeper that records game and score count
  • 8 sided non-slip handle for stability, comfort, and smoother play
  • Maximum cushion bumpers for aggressive play
  • No unattractive nuts and bolts stick out from the player figure – Players and handles are attached to rod by an expansion pin
  • The Whip Shot goal box gives players a full impact, fun sensation whenever a goal is scored
  • Replacement parts are easily available

What we don’t like

  • Extremely heavy – You’ll need at least 2 strong people to carry it
  • Free shipping for curbside service or they can put it in your garage – However, in order for the freight carriers to place it inside your home and assemble it, there is an additional charge for white glove service, which might delay delivery for up to 21 days

Best suited for

  • Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball TableHome game room, office, or club play
  • Level areas

Not so great for

  • Unleveled areas
  • Empty pockets – It’s one of the most expensive tables on the market

The verdict

The Tornado T3000 Foosball Table is a top quality table and beats all the competition tables by miles. The playing surface is perfectly flat, and the table itself will hold its ground like a tank and will not slide, both because of its weight and its construction. Great for family use, and also for those who want to become professional players so that they can improve their playing techniques. This table will give hours of playing fun, and better yet, will last for generations!

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