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Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table Review

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Timeless fun and competition happen when a game of Foosball is played.  Players use strategy and skill with a bit of luck to get the goal and win the game.  Foosball is about enjoying play time with family and friends.  You have a great opportunity to engage with each other and use this classical approach to game time.

Your mission is the use the figures on the table to pass and shoot your ball into the opponent’s goal.  Of course you have to block the challenger from doing the same on your end.  When you serve, or foos, you pass and do your best to score.  There are some particulars regarding counting points so make sure you settle in advance how points will be earned.

What We Love About It

  • Shelti Foosball table is state of the art.  The table stands 36 inches tall and weighs 215 pounds for sturdy play
  • It features slightly higher rises on the play field to keep balls moving for non-stop game time.
  • Legs are made of solid wood vinyl and adjustable up to 1 inch
  • Table is balanced and steady due to its high strength.  It is precisely sized and Angled Player Foot.  It has 880 tooth grip.  This means players get optimum ball capture and control front and back.
  • Sharp foot edge delivers controlled bank shots along with lock on men compression bumpers
  • Ball speed tested up to 100 mph for high speed, intense play.
  • The natural rubber cushions playfield walls are perfect for the 4-man goalie
  • The cabinet has a beautiful furniture appearance to go great in any room.  It is chip and deface resistant with a Mahogany exterior.

Foosball is competitive game time

Play 2 to 4 players and foosball turns into a fast-paced engaging game.  Once you give the game a try you encounter the engaging rush from trying to beat your opponents.  The more you practice the better you advance your game and embrace a game filled with healthy competition.  Skill rules so you want a foosball table that meets and delivers a great play time.

Brings people together

Face to face gaming produces conversations and people coming together making a connection beyond game time.  Foosball is challenging, but it is fun playing in pairs or one on one.  The game is so exciting that it draws a crowd and people are watching and laughing and talking and old school game time is popular once again.  Foosball play builds team spirit and support for each other.  A connection builds between players as they try to guess their partners moves.  This is a great way to build better relationships with friends and family.

Foosball for health and wellness

Foosball is a great sport used in the rehabilitation area to help people get back on their feet and to their normal lives.  There is even clinical support that Foosball effectively treats arthritis.  It is an active way to stand and produce movement in the legs and knees just like a mini workout.  The arms and wrist benefit as well.  It is a great tool often found and used in rehab centers.  When you play foosball; there is hand-eye coordination which stimulates the brain.  This makes foosball a great tool for recovery patients.

Anyone can play.  Although the game is challenging, it is easy to understand the runs of the game.  This means your time is spent playing not learning the game. It is fun for the entire family.  More Foosball tables are popping up in the work place and proving to be a real stress reliever.  Playing these fast paced games improves cardiovascular health as well.  The non-stop movement increases the heart rate just like a cardiovascular workout.

Importance of a quality Foosball table

Your foosball table is a big investment and if you spend lots of time playing then you want a table that can hold up to endless playtime. The Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table is sturdy and equipped with the latest features for non-stop playtime.  The table is leveled for fast flowing moves with light rods and surfaces designed so the ball keeps moving and does not stop.  The handles have great grip for consistent spin and movement.

Made with higher quality rods that are hollow to reduce the weight which increases the speed of lateral movement on the rods. The Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table is the perfect addition to your game room.

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