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Table Tennis & Ping Pong Puns For LOLs!

Do you enjoy puns and playing ping pong?

Well, Pingheads, we are about to make your day.

And leave you rolling on the court with laughter.

That’s right, with our help you can toss out some puns while you serve and paddle.

Punny is our favorite thing to be and we’ve been around the block searching for the deepest ping pong puns around.

Sure, they may not be strokes of genius.

But we think these groan-worthy table tennis puns are a smash.

So, let’s shakehands and get to punning around.

lets bounce
  • Let’s bounce.
  • Ping pong is a ball.
  • Ping pong is batty.
  • Ping pong IS racket science.
  • Ping pong’s a smash.
just paddling through

  • Just paddling through.
  • Ready to get your butt paddled?
  • I love ping pong, but there’s always so much racket.
  • Racket ‘til you drop it.
  • I’ve got a sweet spot for ping pong.
  • You’ve been served.
  • My serve is a gift. Stop returning it.
  • No returns.
  • Serve’s up.
  • Going to a rally.
  • Killer.
  • Ping pong makes me loopy.
  • Ping pong makes me pushy.
  • Ping pong can get a little choppy.
  • I play ping pong on every continent. It’s a lot of bouncing back and forth.
  • Baby got backspin.
  • Spinmaster.
  • See you down the line.
  • Ping pongers strike!
  • Yarn makers make great ping pong players. They can really spin the ball.

Punny Ping Pong Jokes

These jokes all have punny punchlines.

music notes

Q: Which classical musician do ping pong players like best?

A: Chop-in.

Q: What do you call a woman lying across a ping pong table?

A: Annette.

Q: What’s a ping pong player’s favorite bed time?

A: Tennish.

Q: Did you know horses play ping pong?

A: It’s stable tennis.

Q: Which vampire do ping pong players like best?

A: Blade.

Q: Which crustacean has the best ping pong defense?

A: A lob-ster.

Q: Why do teenagers play such erratic ping pong?

A: They have so many pimples.

Q: Why did the ping pong team have to forfeit?

A: Their server was down.

Well, did you laugh a lob, or did we come up short?

Sorry if we rub-bered you the wrong way.

You don’t have to backhand us.

We’ll bounce.

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