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Kick Legend Foosball Table Review

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A popular game experience from the old school sports games days is back in a new and improved version. Foosball is back in business after years of research and development. A team of industrial engineers have tailored each player game piece to make sure game play will meet the standards of those who want to play the game at a high level.

Within the Kick group of foosball games, the Kick Legend 55 inch table has been the bestselling of the bunch. Its design features swooping curve lines and a chestnut color scheme, Black curved legs contrasts well with the game’s outer body. The company has put a lot of effort into making sure the game play is top of the line in quality. There are precise player controls and very good field play balance. The easy to control dribbling of the foosball men make playing the game an exciting  and satisfying  playing experience. The game features two teams of players in red and blue uniforms. If you have loved foosball in the past, or desire to play it for the first  time, the Kick version of the game will thrill you in a very special way.

Extra added features to enhance your game play include sturdy leg levelers that will make sure you will be playing on a completely level surface. There is a sliding scoring feature mounted on each end of the table. There is a one goalie design, or a three goalie one depending on how you assemble the game, Game play rods are chrome plated.

What We Like

Kick Foosball Table Legend, 55 InThe Kick Legend 55 inch foosball game is a standard size table that gives you a chance to play the game at a high level, and you can work hard to be a top notch player. The Legend has been designed to be sturdy and durable, which is perfect for the dedicated and frequent player. The table is constructed with high quality wood that will place it at the top f the heap when it comes to foosball tables. The 120 pound weight of the game will give you a solid base to work with. The table will present a stable stance no matter how aggressive the game play gets. By  most accounts, along with the superior design and high quality materials, the game play of the Kick Legend is smooth and in line with what experienced foosball players expect.  The model is the current bestseller in the Kick line of foosball games. This has to mean it appeals to the target market Kick has great interest in reaching.

What We Don’t Like

Probably out of necessity, the Legend 55 model of the Kick foosball game comes unassembled, When it comes to assembling any type of product such as this the skill level of the person given the task of putting the product  together successfully can be all over the place. Some will perform the assembly  with ease. Others will struggled somewhat before figuring  it out. Still others will give up and g screaming for help.

The 55 inch length of the game plus the protruding rods may require a seven by eighth foot area of space to play the game effectively. In some homes this will rule out placing the game in a bedroom. There may not be another room in the house to place the game.  That part of the potential market will be left out, Also its 34 inch height will be too high for a small child to play the game effectively. These two segments of the market would need to purchase a smaller version of the game.

Best Suited For

Kick Foosball Table Legend, 55 InThe game is best suited for old school pre-video game sports game lovers. If you’re playing at home this model fits a house with large bedrooms, or has an entertainment or gaming room, or a basement with enough space. The game would also find a market in places like bars, and clubs, community centers,, and bus, train, and airport waiting rooms.

Not Suited For

The Kick Legend will not work so well for customers that might have a hard time assembling it. If you can’t find the space it would not be wise to buy this model of the game, Small children may find it hard to master the game using this model.

Kick Foosball Table Legend, 55 In


The Kick Legend foosball table  meets the expectations for a high quality standard table. The table is made of the best type of materials that will stand up well to intense style of play. Experienced players will enjoy the smooth quality of game play. Customers should be mindful of the amount of space required to effectively store and position the game, It will prove not to be suited for small children just beginning to play.

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