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13 Other Games You Can Play With Uno Cards

There are various types of Uno games or different games that you can play with a single deck of Uno cards.

They are perfect for any game night or occasion – and everyone can play Uno, from young children to old folks.

People are always inventing new ways to play with Uno, using either the colors or numbers or just going wild with their imagination.

We have made a list of all of the different types of Uno games that you can play with your deck!

Cool Card Games To Play With Uno Cards

uno cards on table

The Number Grab Game

This game is all about number recognition.

Using only the cards with numbers in every color, turn over a card, and the first person to shout out the number of that card gets to take it.

The person who has the most cards wins the game.

You can also make this game a bit more challenging by turning over two cards at a time, and the first person who shouts out the number that those two cards make together gets to keep both of the cards.

For example, a three and a five would be 35.

You can also make it more difficult by making the players shout out the sum of the two numbers.


Sorting is great for younger children.

It teaches them the skill of sorting and classifying for their mathematical thinking.

It is also a great and fun way to practice number and color recognition.

If you have a little one who is beginning to learn all of the names of colors, then turning over the cards and getting the little ones to name the color they see is a fun and simple game for them.

You can also get them to sort out all the cards into different piles according to their colors.

You can also do this with sorting and naming numbers.

Count And Colour Match

Again, this is a lovely game for the kiddos who are learning how to count.

You will need all Uno number cards in all colors.

You will also need some counters in colors that match.

Then turn over the cards and place the right color and number of the counter on the card.

Simple Patterns

Uno cards are excellent for engaging with patterns since pattern recognition and creation are two more crucial math skills.

Set up a straightforward pattern that your toddler can follow.

For younger players, begin with the same number in several colors, then experiment with combining the numbers and colors.

Then discard the pile when you move on to the next pattern.


This game is suitable for all ages, and you can add some more elements for adults to make it more challenging or exciting.

You can start with numbers, then add more and some colors, and include all of the action cards.

Each player plays their turn by flipping over two cards, and the goal is to have these two cards match each other.

You can add some new rules for different cards to make it interesting and a bit more difficult.

The person who matches the most cards is the champion.


Snap is an excellent game to play with a basic deck of Uno cards because it only requires players to match color and number, as opposed to color, number, and “suit,” as with ordinary playing cards.

For a quick game, use a limited handful of just number cards with two of each color, or use the entire deck for a lengthier game.

Even very young players can enjoy the fast-paced, enjoyable game of Snap in this straightforward form.

Before you start playing, go through your deck, setting the other cards to the side, then shuffle it to make sure you use only the numbered cards.

Making sure no one can see the cards, deal the cards evenly among all of the participants.

The first player then lays down their top card face up so that everyone can view it.

The next player then follows suit, laying down their top card, and so forth, until a matching pair is dealt out one after the other.

When this occurs, everyone smacks their hands together and shouts, “Snap!”

The person then takes the deck, touching the cards with their hand.

The player picks up the entire deck, and the game carries on until a single player is holding all of the cards.

This player is the ultimate winner.

Find It

Use all of the colors of Uno number cards and start with the low numbers.

You must locate or list the specified number of items in that color whenever you turn over a card.

For instance, if you turn a green 5, you must immediately go look for five green items or make a list of the five green items you can see.

Go Fish

Play go fish by reducing the deck to two of every color number.

To this game, you can also add more “Uno rules.”

If a player requests one of the draw two or draw four cards and the other player does not have it, the person who is going “fish” must choose two or four cards from the stack!

Guess The Number

In a way, this game is similar to celebrity head, except that you have to guess your number as opposed to which celebrity you are.

Only the number cards are required for this game.

Choose a card, then hold it to your forehead without looking at it.

As you try to guess which number you are, you are only allowed to ask yes or no questions, and neither you nor the other players are allowed to reveal your identity.

Using the same restrictions—you can’t specify the number or the color—try guessing both the number and the color to make it much trickier!

Move It

To play this game, you’ll need some space, number cards in all colors, wild cards (optional), and number cards.

Each player turns over a card, and then they must perform the action associated with that color as many times as the amount on the card.

Assign each color a specific action.

The player to your left decides what to do and how many times you have to do it if you turn over a wild draw/card (we only let you do it as many times as the highest card in the deck!).

Card Houses

Making card houses is easy with a used pack of Uno cards.

The addition of some blu-tak can easily help to reduce the frustration because it can be difficult for small hands to get going and get the cards to stand up straight long enough to build anything with them!

It’s also simpler to construct on a carpet compared to a table or a hard surface!

Domino Effect

If you have a really worn-out deck of Uno cards, you may use them as dominoes and set them up such that they fall one after the other in a cascade.

As you would for a domino run, fold them in the middle and arrange them so they are on their side.

Old Maid

Take your Uno deck, remove all number cards, add one additional random card as your wild card, then throw the remaining cards away to begin playing Old Maid.

The numbered cards are dealt equally among the players after being shuffled.

If you happen to have a matching pair in your starting deck, you should immediately set this aside because the object of the game is to match two cards together.

When the game begins, the player on their right should take a card from their hand and hold up their deck so that they cannot see the cards.

The next step is to try to form a pair using their hand.

One player will ultimately be left with the wild card as you move around the table matching cards.

The loser of this round is required to sit out the remaining rounds.

The winner is the person who is still alive at the end without having received a wild card.

There are various other ways to play Old Maid that can make the game a lot more challenging.

Final Thoughts

There is so much you can do with a single pack of Uno cards.

You’ll never be bored as there is always something new and exciting to play.

You can have an Uno showdown to see who is the Uno champion in your friend group.

Traditional Uno is not your only choice, and you can get creative too and discover some new games to play with your deck!

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