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11 Games Like Cards Against Humanity (2024)

Cards Against Humanity takes the cake as the best adult party game.

It revolutionized card games and made them cool again.

It lightly toes the line between hilarious and offensive and makes for a great games night with some wine and loads of laughter.

But the problem comes in when you have played it over and over again and played all the expansion packs.

It may be your favorite game, but everything becomes boring when you have overdone it.

So we have found some alternative party games with which you can surprise your friends at your next games night!

The Top Games Like Cards Against Humanity

A successful game night requires food, friends, drinks, and various thrilling games.

The following are some of the best games like cards against humanity.

Full disclosure: none of these are kid-friendly, and they are not suitable for snowflakes.

Player discretion is advised!

1. Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary: The Party Game of Slang

The format of Urban Dictionary’s card game, which is based on the well-known website with the same name but with minor modifications, is quite similar to CAH.

Judges can pick “act” or “draw” cards to start special rounds where they must act out or doodle whatever they drew.

The prompt cards can contain questions or visuals.

This is one of those card games that seems to have blended Pictionary, Urban Dictionary, Charades, and Cards Against Humanity into one.

But hey, whose complaining – those are some of the best games!

You’ll likely be able to add some new words to your vocabulary after this game, although they might be pretty vulgar and harsh – but who doesn’t love filling their noggin with words they’ll probably never use?

This game is suitable for those over 18, and 3 to 8 players can join.

Check it out at:

2. Cards Against Disney

cards against disney

Cards Against Disney is not exactly what it sounds like.

Yes, it unlocks beautiful memories and nostalgia, but it twists your childhood memories and makes them bad and dirty.

This game has the same rules as Cards Against Humanity, and if you love CAH, you’ll love this one too.

Essentially it is a Disney-themed CAH, so you know it will be raunchy, offensive, and fun.

The game is suitable for players above the age of 17, and it can play anything between 4 and 20 players.

Check it out at:

3. Social Sabotage

Social Sabotage: An Awkward Party Game

The “dare” component of “truth or dare” is combined with social media in this BuzzFeed-created card game.

The “where” card is used to represent a specific social media network, and the “what” cards represent an unpleasant task that must be completed there.

For instance, a combination might demand that players post a video on Instagram of themselves performing an armpit fart while looking dead serious.

Given its real-world behaviors, it is a tad bolder than other games, but who doesn’t enjoy watching a friend embarrass themself?

This game, in contrast to others of its kind, needs a phone and social network accounts to play.

Recommended ages 17 and older, and a minimum of four players are needed to play.

Check it out at:

4. What Do You Meme

What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

What do you meme has become increasingly popular, and it is exactly what its self-explanatory name suggests.

Players need to make their own memes in a similar way that you make up cards in CAH.

Players submit the meme situation they find to be the funniest after a rotating judge presents a well-known meme image.

Its popularity is growing at a time when many individuals use memes on Instagram and Twitter as their main mode of communication.

Several expansion packs are available for this game, including the Stoner Expansion Pack, Fresh Memes Expansion Pack, Game of Thrones Expansion Pack, and NSFW Expansion Deck.

It also has a sibling game called Do You Know Me? Minimum of three players, and must be at least 17 years old.

Check it out at:

5. Exploding Kittens

exploding kittens game

This amusing card game was made by Matthew Inman, the artist behind the entertaining website The Oatmeal.

Everyone takes turns drawing and arranging cards until an exploding kitten card is drawn rather than using a judge.

Unless they possess a card that can neutralize the kitten or another action card that keeps them safe, whoever pulls the kitten is out.

The action cards are absurdly inventive, and the figures are vivid.

Inman is responsible for the artwork, so it will undoubtedly be unexpected and funny.

Players must be aged seven and above and two to five players at a time.

Check it out at:

6. Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid

Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid game

This game is comparable to a comedic roast using high school awards.

Players choose a situation from a card, such as “wake up with half a burrito in bed,”.

The rotating judge determines who would be most likely to do that or be in that situation following a group debate.

Nobody “wins” the game; instead, the person who collects the most cards is labeled the “loser” in the spirit of trying to assassinate everyone’s persona.

Although it is sociable and intended to unite people, be careful if your group includes sensitive individuals because not everyone enjoys hearing the truth.

The age restriction is 17, and a minimum of three players is needed.

Check it out at:

7. Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns game

This game’s artwork and ludicrous concept are comparable to that of “Exploding Kittens,” but it is just as fun, if not more so than its sibling fauna game.

It may also have more difficult gameplay.

The objective is to dissuade other players and kill their unicorns while capturing seven unicorns in your “stable” or play area.

There are numerous card pack selections, and the cards include a variety of unique unicorns.

There are multiple expansion packs available, including the Dragons expansion pack, the Rainbow Apocalypse expansion pack, and the Unicorns of Legend expansion pack, all of which contain more mature unicorns than the basic, innocent base pack (e.g., “uncut unicorn”).

Under the same brand, there is a game called Llamas Unleashed that is similar to Unstable Unicorns but uses llamas instead of unicorns.

If you choose NSFW, it’s 21 and older, and two to eight participants can get involved.

Check it out at:

8. Personally Incorrect

Personally Incorrect game

The punishment on the judge’s card that is drawn in this game is personal to that person, unlike CAH, which uses hilarious generalizations as its humor.

As a result, if Ben is the judge and pulls a card that reads, “[Blank] wakes up swearing he’ll never mix [blank] and alcohol again,” the participants would submit their cards to complete the noun reading [Blank] as Ben.

Although it’s a minor difference, it makes it simpler to accommodate internal jokes and, ideally, bring back some memories.

Similar to “Drunk, Stoned or Stupid,” it may encourage conversation and sharing memories, but you never know what might come out!

Players must be aged 18 and up, and two to ten players per game.

Check it out at:

9. Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard by Cyanide & Happiness - a funny comic building party game for 3-10 players, great for game night

Look no further if you came to this page hoping to increase the degree of offensiveness in your games.

The card game Joking Hazard was inspired by a well-known website that allows users to make comic strips panel by panel using cards picked from a deck.

Although the characters’ speech in the comics sometimes goes into dark or downright obscene territory, it is typically done in dry, anti-comedic, or ludicrous ways.

For those who are genuinely artistic and comedic-inclined, it also offers cards where you may draw your very own lines in.

This game is suitable for people over the age of 17 and needs at least three players.

Check it out at:

10. F**K The Game

F**k. The Game. The Original Aussie Party Game

There are several differences between it and Cards Against Humanity in terms of the game’s rules and flow, but they both have the capacity to make you laugh and use foul language and comedy.

Some people could even say it’s inappropriate.

Each player takes turns reading the cards by placing them in the center of the table so that everybody can see them after dividing up the deck.

The winner is the first person to exhaust all cards in their pile.

It requires player interaction and is quite straightforward.

And guts, too. You need guts to play this one!

Check it out at:

11. The Voting Game

The Voting Game Card Game: The Game About Your Friends

By reading the name, you probably have a pretty clear idea of what this game entails.

This game is about “who’s most likely to…”

One player reads their drawn card, and all of the other players have to make an anonymous vote on who they feel fits the description best.

Check it out at:

Final Thoughts

There are loads of similar games to CAH.

All of them are as exciting as the next and well suited to different groups of people.

Games nights have never been this fun (or dark and insulting) but nevertheless, they make for good laughs and memories!

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