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24 Non-Messy Snacks For Game Night

game night snacks

An important thing to remember when preparing for game nights is that you should choose your snacks carefully.

You want to choose something other than greasy, sticky or powdery snacks, as they will transfer said qualities onto the game components.

We’ve compiled a list of snacks appropriate for these get-togethers, making it easier for you to cater appropriately.

With sweet treats and healthy snacks, we have made sure to mention if the snacks are Gluten Free, Vegan or Dairy Free.

Sweet Treat Board Game Night Snacks

sweet snacks

These are great options for those with a sweet tooth.

Finding sweet options that aren’t sticky or messy can be challenging, but these all fit the bill.

There are plenty of options for those with food allergies and restrictions, such as gluten and dairy free or vegan.

Mini candies and candy bars (Gluten Free)

Mini candies are a great choice, as they can be eaten in one mouthful and won’t melt in your hand while being held, as bigger candies may.

Jelly beans, hard candies and Hershey’s kisses are great options.

Little cookies

Small cookies are also a great choice due to their size – anything bite-sized will work well as it will prevent hands from getting sticky.

We suggest mini choc chip cookies, butter cookies, or peanut butter cookies.

Oreos (Vegan friendly)

Not only is this fun snack difficult to mess, but it requires no prep and is vegan-friendly!

Lollipops (Dairy-free) (Gluten Free)

Lollipops are perfect for the game night unless you’re playing with young kids, as you don’t need to touch the sticky part at all.

Young kids, however, tend to get sticky fingers when eating a lollipop, despite the stick’s presence.


These delicate French meringue-based pastries add a level of class and sophistication to game night and don’t crumble easily.

They are also small and quick to eat, keeping fingers clean and maintaining the game’s pace.

Oat crunchies

This is a controversial choice, as oat crunchies can crumble.

However, they are filling and reasonably healthy, so they are a great sweet option.

Consider serving them with a small serviette to catch the crumbs.

Grapes (Dairy-free, Vegan, Gluten Free)

Quick, easy, small and healthy, grapes are an excellent option for your game night snack boards.

They’re easy to grab and eat no matter where you are in the game and give you a nice energy boost when needed.

Dried fruit or trail mix (Dairy-free, Vegan, Gluten Free)

Some dried fruit options can be sticky, but if you make sure to avoid those, a bowl of dried fruit is a wonderful addition to the table.

Just make sure that your fellow players eat only a little!

Fruit skewers ((Dairy free) GF, V, DF)(Gluten Free)

Another healthy (and colorful!) option is creating fruit skewers.

They require some work, and avoiding fruits with high water content is best to prevent messy dribbles.

However, because they are on a skewer, they are easy to eat and will be less messy than a general fruit platter.

If you have a break for snacks, consider a fruit salad or platter at the snack table.

Chocolate cupcakes (GF V) (Gluten Free)

Vegan, gluten-free cupcakes make a yummy, cakey treat suitable for all.

If you make mini cupcakes with no icing, they can be eaten at the game table.

Alternatively, have them at the snack table while taking a break from playing.

Savory Board Game Night Snacks

game night snacks

Often, a game night happens around dinner time, so providing filling, savory snacks is essential.

Try to balance table-friendly snacks and slightly messier snacks for the snack table.

This will allow you to have more substantial options available for eating during breaks between or during games.

They will also ensure that your fellow board night attendees don’t get cranky and hungry, which will help reduce any potential, but inevitable game night conflict!

Pretzel bites

Small, salty and delicious, these are an excellent addition to your game night snack ideas.

You can purchase them from your local store or make them from scratch!

Zucchini fries

A healthier and less greasy alternative to potato fries, zucchini fries are lightly breaded and can be fried in an air fryer, removing the oil factor.

Add some parmesan to the breading mix for extra flavor, and include a dip when serving them.

Baked feta dip with tomatoes (Gluten Free)

A delicious dip for crackers, zucchini fries, veggies and crisps, this baked feta dip with roasted tomatoes or sundried tomato pesto is an excellent choice that is easy to whip up.

You can also add your choice of pestos and other additions for flavor.

Tasty crackers (Dairy-free)

Crackers are good snacks for any get-together – lay them out on a platter to create a perfect snack for during the game.

Make sure you have gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options for your gluten-intolerant friends.

Ensure that the various crackers are kept separate to avoid cross-contamination.

Sosaties (Dairy-free) (Gluten Free)

Sosaties are perfect for a filling snack.

Choose seasoning that is not sticky or greasy if you plan to serve them at the games table.

If any players are vegan, consider adding some veggie sosaties as well.

Sosaties with marinade can be served at the snack table, as players can clean their sticky fingers before returning to the game.

Charcuterie board or cheese platter (Gluten Free)

Super easy and delicious, charcuterie boards are an excellent addition to any game night.

You can include a variety of cured meats, cheeses, preserves, spreads, olives, crackers, and nuts to create variations on the board.

When choosing your cheeses, ensure you include both crowd-pleasers and more unique options to suit all tastes.

Vary the board’s contents depending on where you want to serve it.

Mixed nuts (Dairy-free) (Gluten Free)

A bowl of mixed nuts will always go down well. Choose raw or roasted, but unsalted, to keep the mess down.

Avoid peanuts, as there is always a chance of someone having an allergy.

If you’re concerned about all nut allergies, serve each variant in a separate bowl.

Popcorn (Dairy-free) (Gluten Free)

This is an easy option and will make an excellent addition to the “game buffet” table.

It’s quick to make, inexpensive, and delicious. A lightly salted version is best, as this is the most popular option.


Crunchy baked pretzels are an excellent crowd-pleaser option for a quick, grease and mess-free snack to include at the game table at any board game gathering.

Toothpick snacks (Dairy-free) (Gluten Free)

These low-mess and easy-to-eat toothpick snacks are a great addition to your board game night snacks repertoire.

These can include Caprese skewers, mini meatballs, and halloumi bites- the list is endless!

You’ll be able to find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest, so hop on there and make a game night snacks board!

Veggie crisps (Dairy-free)

Beetroot, butternut, sweet potato, kale chips and a variety of other veggie crisps are a healthy alternative to greasy potato crisps.

Sliders & finger sandwiches

Mini burgers, grilled cheese quarters, cucumber sandwiches – these are all crowd pleasers and will go down well at the snack table as a welcome, filling, mid-game snack.

Be sure to have dairy and vegan options and gluten-free choices if possible.

Veggies and dip (Dairy-free) (Gluten Free)

crudités are perfect for grease, stickiness, and mess-free game night snacks.

You can have a variety of mess-free dips available, and the veggies are sure to please any palate, no matter their dietary restrictions.

Roasted cauliflower bites (Dairy-free) (Gluten Free)

Perfect for dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan friends, this is a mess-free, healthy and delicious snack for board game night!

Serve them as is, or add a dip on the side to make things extra delicious.

How to Minimize Mess at Board Game Nights

When preparing game snacks for a games evening, it is vital to include wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and small plates available to avoid messiness and sticky or greasy fingers.

Napkins should be readily available, as well as trash bins.

There should also be spoons and forks available so players can reduce any potential mess.

It is essential to ensure that there are no snacks that will leave marks on or potentially damage your board games.

Snack Ideas To Avoid For Game Night

Some foods are a definite no-no for any games night, as they are guaranteed to create a mess and somehow add stickiness, grease or fingerprints to the game.

While they may look like a tasty snack, avoiding potential damage to your games is better.

These snacks are best to skip:

  • Cheetos or similar chips
  • Soft drinks, as they’re likely to spill
  • Nachos – often have powdery residue on the chips, and the toppings are greasy and messy.
  • Any greasy snack options, such as potato chips.
  • Donuts, especially the powdered versions, as they are sticky and will spread their powder everywhere.
  • Besides cream cheese or a similarly stiff dip, you should avoid dips at the table.
  • Juicer fruits are best avoided as they almost always result in dribbles and sticky residue.
  • As delicious as it is, pizza is a no-go – it’s just too greasy and messy. Grilled cheese, although tasty, is another potential hazard, so stick to mini portions.

Game Night Snack FAQs

What is the best snack to eat while playing board games?

The best snacks at the board table are small, crumb-free, not sticky, and non-greasy snacks.

Grapes and other fruit with a low water content are a great addition to the table.

Hard sweets, mini candies, macarons, and Oreos are excellent additions for those with a sweet tooth.

For those who prefer something savory, pretzels, various crackers, mini-salamis, and crudités with cream cheese will hit the spot.

What do you serve at a board game night?

Great food for a game night snack table includes crudités, meatballs in toothpicks, mini cupcakes, and chip and dip.

A charcuterie board and sosaties are also great options.

You want to ensure that the snacks are as clean as possible for the table itself.

Popcorn, roasted nuts, grapes, and hard candies are excellent choices.

If you want something more substantial, zucchini fries are a great option, as well as baked chicken nuggets.

Make sure to have serviettes available on the table, as well as small plates.

What food should I bring to trivia night?

If you’ve been asked to bring food along to your next game night, you must make sure to bring the correct type of food with you.

Consider any potential food restrictions your friends may have, and opt to bring both a savory and a sweet option to appease both palettes.

Ask the host if there is anything in particular that they need you to bring as well, as you’ll be able to make their lives easier if you assist in contributing to their menu and filling in any gaps.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for catering a game night is so much fun, but it is essential to look out for your game boards while also making sure everyone is fed with delicious snacks during the evening.

Thanks to the above ideas, you have plenty to choose from when deciding on the night’s menu.

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