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DXRacer vs Secretlab Gaming Chair Comparison


Have you considered buying a gaming chair? These can make a big difference in your gameplay experience, but they can also be a good all-round investment. Although these chairs are optimized for gaming, they’re also popular with people who work at the computer for a living.

The right chair will be ergonomically designed to support your body comfortably over hours of sitting. If you work at the computer and play at a gaming station, one chair could pull double duty.

Unlike a traditional office chair, gaming chairs are specifically designed to keep your spine properly aligned. They offer superior comfort with plush foam and breathable fabrics.

Many come with a fully adjustable back, seat, and armrests, letting you create just the right fit for your body. These chairs may also offer unique features like hydraulic controls and full reclining capability.

Two popular gaming brands on the market are the DXRacer and Secretlab. Both of these are great products, but they differ in some key ways. Let’s take a look at their most important features:

The DXRracer Gaming Chair

DXRacer’s claim to fame is that they started off designing seats for racecars. These seats were allegedly so comfortable and high-performance that the company branched out into other markets. Their gaming chairs are constructed with many of the same principles of durability and customization as the racing seats.


This is a mid tier gaming chair company. Their models carry a price tag that starts at under $300. This gaming chair family covers quite a number of different lines. Here are a sampling from their range:

The cheapest, the FD01 series, is the most affordable but still retains many of the functional and comfortable features of other models. It comes in at around $290.

A midrange option could be the KS11 with a recommended price tag of about $440. For the extra price, you get access to a higher weight range, wider selection of colors, and a choice of seating materials.

The DXRacer’s most expensive option is the TS30 at around $580. This is one of their largest chairs, perfect for users who prefer more space and luxurious features.

Materials and Appearance

Most of the chairs here are made of leather vinyl and some include mesh backing. The mesh is strategically placed to improve air flow and comfort. Overall, these chairs echo the sleek design of their racecar origins.

The DXRacers comes in a wide variety of colors including Alien Green and solid black. This creates a streamlined chair that can look quite professional in an office setting.

Size and Weight Capacity

Style is just one factor for gaming chair buyers. Construction matters a lot, especially for a seat that you hope will last for years. These chairs have sturdy steel construction and are relatively lightweight and easy to roll around on casters.

DXRacer gaming chairs can be used by people of multiple different heights due to a number of adjustment points built into the design. Various chairs from this line can accommodate heights from 5’4″ to 6’6″. Some models of the DXRacer support up to 450 pounds. Again, there are a lot of different models in this line, so you’ll want to double check the specs before ordering.

Other Features

DXRacers use a gas lift to raise and lower the seat. This operates at the touch of a lever.

You can order your gaming chair with an optional lumbar pillow. This lets you further customize the fit and add more back support as needed. The pillow is detachable, letting you transition between chairs if you own several, or adjust the support between multiple users.

The Secretlab Gaming Chair

Secretlab is a Singapore based company. It was founded in 2014 by two professional gamers who were unhappy with the gaming chairs on the market at that time. They designed chairs specifically for their own needs and later realized that there was a wider market for their creations.


Secretlab gaming chairs offer good quality and performance at a mid-tier price point. There are three series in this chair family: the Throne (the original model), the Omega, and the Titan. Secretlab chairs can be bought direct from the company but are also sold throughout the world. One of these will typically run you from $295 to $405. However, if money is no object and you are looking for the ultimate luxury, the Titan in NAPA leather will set you back about $1000.

Materials and Appearance

These seats come in a choice of materials: PU simulated leather and a more expensive soft weave fabric. For a premium, you can get a Secretlab chair in NAPA leather. This NAPA leather is only available in the Omega and Titan series. The Throne only comes with PU simulated leather or soft weave choices.

The color options available depend on which series you choose. All Secretlab chairs come in classic, mostly black finish appropriate for many offices. However, if you are considering these for work use, keep in mind that these have a more dramatic appearance (including alien shaped eyes on the headrest). You also have a choice of several eye-catching color combinations including amber and midnight blue or flash red with matching accent stitching.

Size and Weight Capacity

The sizing for these three series breaks down as:

Throne – Maximum supported height of 180 cm (5’10”). Recommended weight limit of up to 60 kg (132 lbs) and maximum weight of up to 100 kg (220 lbs).

Omega – Maximum supported height of 180 cm (5’10”). Recommended weight limit of up to 80 kg (176 lbs) and maximum weight of up to 110 kg (242 lbs).

Titan – Maximum supported height of 200 cm (6’6″). Recommended weight limit of up to 70 kg (154 lbs) and maximum weight of up to 130 kg (286 lbs).

Other Features

Some Secretlab chairs come with a detachable velour head pillow. Both the Omega and Titan also have a memory foam lumbar pillow to help you achieve a customized and supportive fit along the spine.

The shape and dimensions of the chair itself can also be adjusted in multiple ways. For instance, the Omega has the standard panels underneath the chair to adjust the tilt and raise or lower the seat to accommodate different heights. The armrests can be adjusted at the touch of a button as well.

One interesting feature here is that the Secretlab Titan can also be put into full recline. This is less suitable for office spaces, but could be ideal for some applications.

DXRacer vs Secretlab

Here’s a quick look at how these two chairs for gamers compares on the basic levels:


Both chairs tend to be comparably priced … unless you want to splurge on leather seating. In that case, Secretlab’s offering jumps into the four figure luxury price point.


Some DXRacer models feature breathable mesh backing. Meanwhile, all of Secretlab’s lines are designed with a solidly padded construction that may be overall more supportive.

Both chairs offer optional lumbar pillows for users who need additional back support. Secretlab also comes with a head pillow to further customize the fit.

Both chairs feature models that can work with users of up to 6’6″ (200 cm) or slightly more. Some DXRacers can accommodate up to 450 lbs, which far exceeds Secretlabs’ capacity.


Secretlab chairs have a hydraulic lift, while DXRacers utilize a gas lift. Both companies produce units that let you adjust seat height, back tilt, etc, in multiple ways.


Style wise, both chairs offer more conservative color choices that could work well in office settings. If you prefer bolder looks, Secretlab probably has the edge here. Their chairs have a futuristic design and some models have a wide selection of eye-catching color patterns.


Both companies boast an impressive pedigree. The edge here goes to what you find more impressive: a history designing for the racecar world or a history tied to the pro gaming community itself.

Which Chair is Best For You?

Both of these brands fit into about the same budget range. The right choice for you depends on your needs.

If you’re looking for a chair to use in the office … DXRacer has a more unobtrusive seat design.

If you’re a shorter or smaller user … Secretlab chairs may accommodate you more comfortably.

If you live or work in a hot climate … the mesh backing on some DXRacer models may be right for you.

If you’re ready to splurge on luxurious leather … Secretlab’s NAPA leather chair could be yours for just $1000.

Ultimately these chairs have a lot of similarities, from price point to performance. The right fit for you will come down to personal preferences.

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