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DXRacer vs AKRacing Gaming Chair Comparison


Gaming chairs are not only about comfort, but it is also about the overall experience. Consumer culture makes a chair more than a chair. From shipping to the quality of support, detailing aspects of DXRacer vs AKRacing Gaming Chair Comparison is a requirement. Not everything is equal for everyone.

Background & Basics


Two showrooms hold up the DXRacer for preview. One is in Michigan, and the other is in Ontario, Canada. The American maker sells gaming chairs, including type people utilize in simulators. DXRacer also sells desks, footrests, office chairs, and even mousepads and cushions. But most notably, they carry a broad spectrum of special-edition chairs that have video game logos on them.

DXRacer restricts their shipping to the United States, but it is also free. With that said, they do host a list of global resellers for people who order from out of the country.


AKRacing offers the same array of comfortable furniture as DXRacer — desks, footrests, office chairs, and even mousepads, cushions. However, they are a European supplier. AKRacing also offers accessories that are broader than DXRacer — colorful footstools, replaceable wheels and armrests, and protective mats for a gamer’s floor.

AKRacing has both North American and European websites and availability. The five-day shipping time is optimal; however, unlike DXRacer, AKRacing does not ship for free. They also have additional costs for customization.

Comparing Chair Cost & Convenience

The cost of the DXRacer gaming chairs is all over the place. The range is from $289 to $699 for the largest model.

In comparison, the AKRacing gaming chair starts at €269 -approximately$309- to €595- about $684. Looking at the overall cost from minimum to maximum, the difference is minimal.

The significant difference in cost and fees is the offerings each supplier provides. DXRacer carries fewer products in the lower price brackets while AKRacing provides more chairs and accessories in the mid-range price range. A person’s budget decides which company is best to purchase through. And, it still comes down to whose products fit a gamer’s wants and needs.

Visiting Variety

Thirteen different gaming chairs are part of DXRacer’s inventory. They also extend their products into seventeen special edition models. The contrast of AKRacing is that they only carry twelve types of gaming games in total.

AKRacing offers a variety of color schemes, but DXRacer chairs come in eleven various colors, each unique to itself.

AKRacing’s stock of lower cost gaming chairs tends to look alike with minor differences in textile and design. The DXRacer offers a wider variety of looks.

Customizing Chairs & Making Modifications

In terms of modification, DXRacer offers a diverse range of backrest, components, and even the base. Each functional part of the chair is customizable for comfort.

AKRacing’s stock has every day replaceable parts; however, a gamer can upgrade to a sturdier sort. With AKRacing, the customization comes in with the broad array of looks, such as the cushions, logos, and casters. For the genuinely custom chairs, AKRacing demands an order of ten or more gaming chairs for the truly unique types.

Counting Comfort

Comfort is the eye of the person sitting in a chair. Both distributors use compression-resistant foam for the inserts. It keeps the gaming chairs comfy for a long while and makes both brands worth a seat.

The racecar style seat is also alike with both DXRacer and AKRacing. Both have 4D armrests and evenly weighted design.

Which One?

The minor differences are nitpicky, but a resource on both chairs is helpful when shopping for the perfect gaming chair.

Both DXRacer and AKRacing offers products and prices in the same ranges. The main difference is AKRacing fits an everyday budget while DXRacer is ready to modify for each gamer’s taste.

DXRacer is all about the flashy, while AKRacing stays muted in color choices and finishes. Price and appearances are what makes the two brands different, but not enough to make a difference. Both chairs are high-quality and comfortable to game the day away in.

Easy-to-Read Roundup

To make it easier for you to compare, we’ve got some basics pros and cons for each chair for you to consider.

DXRacer Pros & Cons

Here’s what you can expect to like and dislike about this chair:


  • A broad range of chair selection
  • Seats offering for any size and shape
  • Diverse styles and rainbow of colors
  • Both easily afforded chairs and premium variety
  • DXRacer Tank Series purposefully made for a large stature


  • Requires modification for specific features, Example: armrests
  • Not all chairs are made for all weights


Here’s what you can expect to like and dislike about this chair:


  • A large chair selection
  • Seats for every size
  • Diverse colors and styles
  • Cheaper chair options
  • PU-Leather & Fabric chairs
  • Accessories for modifications available
  • AKRacing accessories also fit the DXRacer gaming chair


  • Some models lack features available with Prime Series
  • Harder to acquire in the United States
  • Lack of unique modifications
  • The selection of larger chairs for larger people lack

Final Questions to Ask

  1. Is the chair available in a specific size for an individual stature?
  2. Does it fit a personal aesthetic?
  3. Does it have all the features wanted, or does it require expensive modifications?
  4. Do the chair and accessories fit a personal budget?
  5. Is the chair wanted available and easily shipped?

Regardless of what a gamer chooses, the comfort and excitement of a gaming chair from either DXRacer or AKRacing is equal. It is about individuals and what they are looking for and need from a gaming chair. Both brands aim to please!

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