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Where To Donate Old Board Games

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Board games can provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike.

Whether it’s family game night or a rainy day, board games are guaranteed to beat boredom.

But, as much fun as they are, they tend to get put away and forgotten about after a while.

If you’ve got a board game collection gathering dust, donating them is a fantastic idea.

Not only will you be contributing to a good cause, but it’s also a great way of decluttering your home.

If you’re wondering where to donate board games, read along for some tips and advice.

Donating Children’s Board Games

board game pieces

Children’s care homes and orphanages

Orphanages are a great place to start donating your used board games and they’re sure to happily accept them.

Just be sure to contact them first to make sure they do.

Children in orphanages may not have any personal belongings and the few possessions that they do have are usually practical items like bedding or clothing.

A board game is sure to brighten any child’s day and will allow other children than your own to find some joy from your discarded games.


Learning doesn’t need to be boring so game donations are sure to be gladly accepted by your local school.

Many public schools suffer because of budget cuts so your donation is sure to help.

However, be sure to double-check beforehand.

After-school clubs

You could also call the local schools and ask if they have a board game club that needs new games!

New additions to their range of games are sure to be a hit with the students.

Toy library

Many families who survive on tight budgets can only afford new games or toys occasionally.

Because of this, they usually take their kids to browse through toy libraries.

Here, they can borrow games and toys or sit and have a play session.

Donating board games is sure to put a smile on children’s faces in local libraries.


YMCAs are extremely beneficial to a community.

They provide gym access, community classes, and after-school programs so it’s a place many kids spend their evenings and weekends.

Not only do they cater to the exercise needs of children, but they also provide emotional and mental support.

YMCA centers are partnered with the community so they’re a great place to head to if you have board games to donate.

YMCA will either pass them on to families in need or they’ll use them in their centers for game night.


After a long day of exploring and running around a scout camp, a fun board game session is a great way for kids to relax and unwind.

Not only that, but the game design merit badge means kids need board gaming experience!

If there’s a boy or girl scout group near you, let them know you have some board games to donate, as they may be able to take them off your hands.

Summer camps

Summer camps are a great place for kids to get rid of their energy and make new friends.

Board gaming sessions are usually a winner at camps but they may not have a big game collection, so donations are sure to help!

Where To Donate Family Board Games

Homeless shelters

Although homeless shelters provide a much-needed place for people to feel safe, being homeless is a lonely and upsetting time.

Board games can help people in need connect with others in the same situation as them.


Churches tend to have regular community events such as fundraising days and youth clubs.

This would be a great opportunity to donate games to use at these events.

Retirement homes

Many retirement homes have communal areas where the residents can meet up, chat with each other and play games.

Old board games will make perfect donations for these facilities.

Other Places To Donate Preloved Board Games

College societies

Your local college may have a society run by the students who get together for board game sessions.

Students typically don’t have much money so donations would surely be welcome.

Board game cafes and bars

Games are used a lot in board game cafes and bars, but that much use can cause wear and tear on them.

By donating your preloved board games, the business could expand its game collections or replace the existing ones.

Gaming stores

If you have some niche games that tabletop game enthusiasts would enjoy, then check if there’s a gaming store near you.

Many of them host open game nights at their stores and are likely to be super grateful for any preloved game donations.

Patrons can play your games or they could be used as demos that customers can try out before they buy them.

Top Tips For Donating Old Board Games

  • Consider the target audience for your old board games.
  • Call the organization in advance to avoid a wasted trip.
  • Don’t take offense if an establishment can’t take the games.
  • Donate different board games to different organizations.

Can I Donate Board Games That Are Broken Or Are Missing Some Pieces?

Have you ever played a game that’s broken or missing some parts?

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

Donating a board game without all of its parts won’t be fun for any future players.

Before you donate any games, make sure they have all of their original pieces, and if possible, organize the parts so the game is ready to be played.

Make sure the game is clean and tidy too.

Donating Board Games FAQs

Does Goodwill accept old board games?

Yes, if you’ve tried the options above and have had no luck in donating your old board games, your local Goodwill store is always a good idea.

Places like Goodwill support local charities and community services with their profits.

What else can I do with my old board games?

If you can’t donate your old games, there are other things you can do to reuse them.

Upcycling board games can be a fun way of giving them a new life.

Firstly, you could take the game apart and save some pieces like dice or game markers.

You can also reuse some of the pieces for school or home projects or even use them as decorations.

If you’re creative, you could strip the board and all the pieces and create a brand-new game!

Do hospitals take used board games?

Hospitals sometimes take board game donations, but they may decline them for hygiene reasons.

However, they may accept them to use in waiting rooms where there are fewer hygiene risks.

Be sure to contact the hospital to check.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of options for your old board games that are no longer wanted – they don’t need to sit gathering dust!

As long as they’re in good condition, used board games can bring tons of joy to children, families, and other members of the community.

It’s a good idea to check with charities and organizations to see which ones could make the most use of board games.

But, no matter where you decide to donate, you can be sure your old board games will be going to a good cause.

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