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Carrom Signature Foosball Table Review

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The Carrom Signature Foosball Table has been designed to provide fun for the entire family.  It provides an all-star action sport that can be played in your home.

At 55 inches, it is a full-size table and great for gaming entertainment that could be played in the family room, the game room or even in the garage.  It offers a combination of both functionality and long lasting quality for families to enjoy for a lifetime.

The Carrom Signature Foosball Table is associated with the history of the Carrom Company, a games manufacturing company that is headquartered in Ludington, Michigan. They have been developing quality board and sports games for over 100 years. Purchasers of this product will be happy to know that it has been produced by a company that knows and cares about the industry and about the importance of bringing families together as they have been doing through their board games for well over a  century.
Carrom Signature 55 in. Foosball Table Color:AegeanCarrom Signature 55 in. Foosball Table Color:Burr OakCarrom Signature 55 in. Foosball Table Color:Moroccan


  • Quality of Product – This product was made with high quality materials. It was made with screen-printed graphics and quality enamel to reduce wear resistance. To ensure that the surface remains level, this product contains a cross underneath the playing table that adds extra support. The table’s legs are made with a very heavy miterfold black vinyl, along with two-inch triple chrome-plated leg supports and leg levelers for a safer secure balance.
  • Durability  – This product was made in the USA and contains precision-molded rod bearings. It has also been thoroughly tested for strength and durability.
  • Size and Dimensions – The actual dimensions of the table are 55L x 29W x 36H inches.  The playing surface is 0.375 inches thick.
  • Style, design and functionality – The table consists hardwood handles on eight sides. It provides very precise player control and the rods are hollow steel and triple chrome-plated. The rod bearings consist of a single row of 19 balls per each bearing which adds to higher performance. The ball return is made of very high-impact plastic that provides extra strength and durability. Screen-printed graphics appear on the play surface.
  • Players –  The table is also is designed with 1 set of players with 2 colors each. It contains a wood bead scoring that’s available in natural and all black. This table game includes one set of premium counter balanced players with a cross-hatch toe design that provides stability and control. Either one or three goalies can play this game at one time based on your personal preference.  It also includes corner ramps designed for single-goalie assembly.
  • Choice of selections – This table is available in three different selections, a choice of Moroccan Fresco, Burr Oak, or Emerald Santos.

What We Like

  • This product was made by a family owned business that specializes in tabletop games.
  • Attractiveness and design – this product was well designed and is an attractive piece of well-made furniture that blends in nicely with your current décor.
  • US Made – The Carrom Signature Foosball Table is 100% manufactured in the United States.
  • Tested for Durability – The cabinet is made with 1″ manufactured wood, it is warp-resistant, and and made with quality materials this product has been tested for safety and durability.
  • Warranty – A one-year warranty is available with this product

Best Suited For

  • People who like to play football or soccer
  • People who enjoy quality fun and entertainment at home
  • People who enjoy spending time with the family

Not So Great For

  • Small children, it contained small parts that can be swallowed. It’s basically not designed for children under the age of 13.

Final Thoughts

Full assembly is required for this product, which includes the assembly of all four legs, the top of the game’s playing surface, the rods, end panels and side panels.

Because this product is made of a high density particle board, it can be used in the garage as long as it’s not exposed to high levels of humidity.

This table is perfect for game use at home and is not recommended for commercial use such as in bars or clubs.

The Carrom Signature Foosball Table is also used in a wide variety of tournaments and is great for those who enjoy competing with other Foosball game lovers other than their personal friends and family members.  It also provides a place to showcase your skills and love for the game.

Although the design includes four cup holders, spills should be avoided to maintain the integrity and longevity of the product. The Carrom Signature Foosball Table comes from a long line of well-made quality products that were developed over a century ago. It is part of the notable American-made history whereby the company has focused its overall efforts on quality, fun  and family.

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