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Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table Review

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Looking for a quality foosball table that won’t break the bank yet give you a sturdy table fun for friends and family? If so, the Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table is a great table that costs substantially less than many of the other foosball tables on the market today. It is rather straight forward and isn’t overly flashy, but it is a solid construction that fits in the home game room, lounge or anywhere else you might want to place it.

The Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table is the kind of table you might want if you enjoy snacks and beverages while playing foosball as it will not stain, while it is also easy to clean up. So, when it comes to an easy to use, fun foosball table that comes at a desirable price, you should check out the Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table.


  • Atomic Pro Force Foosball TableInternal ball return and ball entry.
  • 3.5 inch leg levelers to ensure even play. This way, if the room slightly slopes in any direction you can adjust the levelers to give you a perfectly level table.
  • Heavy duty legs made from steel to give you a sound, sturdy piece of construction that is sure to handle all of your particular gaming needs.
  • Exterior of table is made from a bamboo laminate and black accents. This makes it sturdy and durable.
  • Figures are of the robot style and not detailed players
  • Abacus style scoring on both ends of the table.
  • Overall dimensions are 29.5 inches wide, 56 inches long and 34.5 inches high. This makes it a slender table when compared to others on the market.
  • Total weight of 108 pounds. This makes it light enough to move around a room without too much trouble, yet still has weight so it does not slide when you don’t want it do.

What We Like

  • Atomic Pro Force Foosball TableThe price. The Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table is an affordable foosball table that is great for the game room. This is especially the case if you don’t have a ton of space as it is on the slender side of foosball tables.
  • Design uses the three goalie approach, instead of the single goalie which is often found on other tables.
  • The table is very durable, which is great if you have children or pets in the house. It will not damage easily from scratches and the laminate is easier to clean than wood or other building materials commonly found in more expensive foosball tables.

What We Don’t Like

  • The weight. At just over 100 pounds, it isn’t all that heavy. When you have two or four people playing on the table it can be easier to jar it around, especially if placed on a smooth floor. A bit more heft would make the table more desirable, although it would likely also make it more expensive as well.
  • The width. This is not a tournament sized foosball table, so if that is what you are looking for you’ll need to check something else out. If you are use to playing on a tournament size foosball table this will feel all too slender and it can even make playing a bit more claustrophobic with the players closer together and not as much space to pass the ball.
  • Squared off corners. Many foosball tables have curves in the corners. This helps prevent the ball from becoming lodged in the corner of the table. While it is possible to free the ball typically with one the nearest figure, there is nothing more frustrating than scoring a goal on yourself while attempting to free a ball stuck in the corner. This can also cause odd bounces with the 90 degree angle. Due to the size of the table there isn’t all that much you can do about this.

Best Suited For

  • Atomic Pro Force Foosball TableSmaller rooms. If you have a game room you want a foosball table in but simply don’t have the kind of space for a full, tournament sized table, you’ll need to go for this smaller option. Now, the build quality doesn’t go down and it is a solid game room table. It just isn’t as wide as you might like.

Not So Great For

  • When you want an authentic table. The smaller size can reduce some of the dimensions you are use to, cutting off passing angles and making it more a matter of who hits the ball faster rather than setting yourself up with multiple passes to locate a clear shot. If you are a long time player of foosball you should probably go with the full size.

The Verdict

For the price, the Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table use quality material to give you a sturdy foosball table. While it isn’t as large as you might like and there are some general issues with the corners, for the price it is hard to beat the quality of the table. Plus, you receive four balls instead of two, which is what some tables come with. Four balls should give you enough to start out with (although having a few more is always desirable).

If you just want a foosball table and you don’t have a ton of space or don’t want to go broke on the more expensive options out there, the Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table is an excellent option for you to check out and to potentially pick up.

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