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American Heritage Element Foosball Table Review

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The American Heritage Element Foosball Table has a unique look, and offers a solid game at a relatively lower cost than many tables. It is a solid addition to any home game room, with its unique design and industrial type metal black trim. The table itself is not as deep as many tables, which accounts for its somewhat unusual look. it is a cabinet style that fits in with most decor. It really looks like a piece of furniture.

The box is made of engineered wood and has a brown maple appearance. it has adjustable legs for leveling, but you cannot adjust the height. Most games of this type are made of plastic or other man made materials. It may not be real solid wood, but it is close, and that gives it unique appearance.

It has a black playing surface with silver and black “men” which gives it a stylish look. The game has two ball returns and includes four balls. It does look good, but it also plays well with a sturdy feel.


  • Nice design –  Has an elegant appearance that looks classy in any room.
  • Metal supports – Crossed metal legs make an X at each end, which gives it an unusual but interesting look
  • Basics – Two ball returns, four balls, manual scorers and adjustable leg levelers.
  • Appearance – Wood finish with black metal trim. Black and silver players.
  • Warranty – One year on parts.
  • Size – 57 inches long, 30.5 inches deep, 34 inches in height. Weighs 144 pounds

What we like

  • Appearance – Very sharp looking piece of furniture, even beyond being a game. A  nice addition to any room even apart from the game experience. Adds a touch of elegance to a game room.
  • Sturdy – The cabinet is well built. The cabinet looks a little top heavy, but it is sturdy enough that balance is not a problem.  The furniture appearance does not affect the game’s quality.
  • Cross beams – The cross beam legs give it a unique appearance, and that also adds to its sturdy feel.
  • Styling – It looks more stylish than most games of this type, but don’t let that fool you. It still plays very well.
  • Overall quality – The game is great for any age and any ability level. Accomplished players will enjoy the sturdy feel and smooth action of this game.  It is durable and should last a long time.
  • Value – It does cost more than many games of this type, but it  is a solid game with a nice appearance. Despite the price it is a good value.

What we don’t like

  • Price – It is a good value perhaps, but still, more costly than many games. You can still get a pretty good game for less.
  • Color scheme – The black playing surface looks sharp, and the black and silver players do too. However, that black on black – even though the players are glossy – makes the players hard to see when you are involved in fast paced action.
  • Ball holes – The ball hole retrievals are a bit small and hard to get to. Not conveniently located for fast continuous play.
  • Assembly – You have to assemble the game and the instructions are not as well written as they could be.
  • Leg height – The legs can be adjusted to make the table level, but you cannot adjust the height.

Best suited for –

This is a great game for families with its stylish appearance and solid game performance.  Suitable for all ages except very young ones who cannot reach the handles well. Also good for accomplished players.

Not so great for –

Rough environments. The table is sturdy enough and can take some rough play, but it is not designed for an area that will have a lot of dirt or potential spills. Professionals may not feel it is up to their standards, but it is still good enough for most players.

The Verdict

This is a solid game in most respects. it also has a stylish look, so if you take both of those things together, it is probably worth spending more than you would for other games of this type. it is a solid value even if pricey.

While the black players are hard to see for fast players, the black and silver makes it look good against the solid black, matte finish, playing surface.  The actual game itself is made for fast action, and this one does well in that regard. All of the handles and parts work well and it is a very smooth machine.

The maker,  American Heritage, has been around a long time and they have high quality standards so you can depend on their reputation. They do not disappoint with this game. it has a few shortcomings, but they are relatively minor and most players wont find it too difficult  to get past.

The players are not counterweighted, meaning they will go back to their normal position when you let go of the handle.  Some people prefer counterweights as a strategic device when playing.  This is a matter of personal preference however. Some players prefer them not to be counterweighted as that tends to please the more purist type players.

All in all, a fine value for the money that will look good while playing well.

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